Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cut Above Casting Services launches it's first blog site! Take a peek...

Hello Cut Above Casting!

I am finally ready to launch my blog site that I have been working on since February 2013. The goal of my blogs are to inform background actors of what is going on in their industry. The industry that they have chosen to be in. I have found, after 8 years in the business of background casting, that so many actors come out here pursuing a dream. What surprises me is how much they do not do the research of how hard it is to pursue a dream in Hollywood. Although I truly believe in wanting to succeed in what you love to do, being an actor should be treated like any other career. A doctor, lawyer, waiter, secretary etc..all have to start at the bottom, learn, understand, and strive to move up. The same stands true for being an actor. Start somewhere, educated through courses, get on sets, make connections, be diligent, ethical, honest, stay grounded and always march to the beat of your own drum-

The level I have chosen to open my business is one of the first stepping stones. Allow these production sets to teach you, open doors and let it enable you to surround yourself with people just like you...pursuing your dreams of being a successful actor.

I hope my blogs inform and inspire you.

Much success to all, more blogs to come...


Great things are done by a series of small things brought together-   Vincent Van Gogh

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